Honeyed Italian Plum Pie

I am eating this pie as I write this. Seriously, where have Italian plums been all my life?  They've always been a mysterious purple unknown at the market in the Fall and I've forgone them for the last nectarines or early pears, but after doing my ~Fall Baking Brainstorm~ last weekend, I made the conscious … Continue reading Honeyed Italian Plum Pie

Nectarine Blackberry Pie

Until this summer, I had always been very methodical with fruit pies, overthinking flavour pairings and different spices.The last few months, I've changed my mindset and started putting most of my focus on the fruit itself. I've always believed local and seasonal produce was the key to a perfect pie, but this summer, I've played … Continue reading Nectarine Blackberry Pie

New and Renewed Blueberry Pie

Blueberry pie comes in many varieties.  Some people add lavender, some people like it jammy, some people (me) like it juicy.  I've started to be a pie purist - I want the summer fruit to shine through because it feels so fleeting. Last year, I posted a blueberry pie recipe and when revisiting it this … Continue reading New and Renewed Blueberry Pie

Strawberry Ginger Hand Pies

The next few weeks will consist of me buying strawberries at the market and proceeding to make any and every kind of strawberry based pie/hand pie/galette possible.  These strawberries are far too delicious and the season too short to pass that up. I decided to whip up some hand pies again as they're perfect for … Continue reading Strawberry Ginger Hand Pies

Maple Pear Bourbon Pie

Not to exaggerate, but this pie is going to warm your soul and make you ok with the fact that we're still a month or two away from spring pies. This winter I've really started to appreciate pear pies - I think they're definitely underrated and they're so versatile.  Pears go perfectly with chocolate, spices … Continue reading Maple Pear Bourbon Pie