Five Spice Rhubarb Hand Pies

  I maintain that hand pies are the best dessert you can bring to a summer gathering.  They're portable, fit in the palm of your hand, don't require plates or cutlery and are of course, delicious.  They also have a solid crust to filling ratio for the pie crust fiends among us, which is just … Continue reading Five Spice Rhubarb Hand Pies


Chocolate Pear Hand Pies

I had heard rumblings about the glory of pairing pears and chocolate in pie.  I mean, they’re both two delicious things so how could it not be amazing? No seriously… It’s REALLY GOOD.  Especially when in these adorable hand pies for Valentine's Day (or Easter or Christmas? Start taking down your ideas!). I also loved … Continue reading Chocolate Pear Hand Pies

Strawberry Ginger Hand Pies

The next few weeks will consist of me buying strawberries at the market and proceeding to make any and every kind of strawberry based pie/hand pie/galette possible.  These strawberries are far too delicious and the season too short to pass that up. I decided to whip up some hand pies again as they're perfect for … Continue reading Strawberry Ginger Hand Pies