Chai Custard Pie

I started following Spice Girl Eats on Instagram last summer when she was doing gorgeous looking pop ups out of Depanneur in Toronto and then couldn’t help but notice her Chai Concentrate being sold where only products picked by the most discerning tastes would be sold. I picked up a bottle late last year, made … Continue reading Chai Custard Pie

Salted Maple Pie

I was looking back on my pie repertoire the other day and came across the Salty Honey Custard Pie - sweet, salty and a little bit weird, it's everything I love in dessert. But now it's winter and I think we're looking for something a bit... toastier.  Enter sweet, sweet maple syrup - essentially a 1 for … Continue reading Salted Maple Pie

Black Bottom Strawberry Pie

I spent most of the day and evening cooking yesterday. When I heard the news about Anthony Bourdain, I was absolutely crushed.  Like so many others, he brought different cultures and their food into our living rooms and our phone screens.  He was one of my favourite writers and could hook me with his vivid … Continue reading Black Bottom Strawberry Pie

Chocolate Pear Pie

While Canadian Thanksgiving came and went over a month ago, American Thanksgiving is in full swing and I'm basically ready for another turkey.  Since that's not happening, I'm joining the fun with a Thanksgiving table-worthy, full pie take on my Chocolate Pear Hand Pies. I've already stated why I am addicted to this pie: Chocolate is … Continue reading Chocolate Pear Pie