Pie Girl’s love for baking began in family kitchens as a kid and reached new heights when she tasted her first macaron in Paris and thought, “I gotta make these”.  Since then, she has always experimented with classic and weird combinations in pies, squares, cupcakes, cookies as well as timeless French Patisserie.

You can currently find her baking in the kitchen of a 400 square foot apartment which creates much more room for experimentation, like letting pies cool on the floor and macaron shells set on IKEA dressers.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Just found your instagram and website and it’s so so cool. I’m a baker myself and hands down PIES are my favourite thing to bake. Going to try some of your recipes soon ! Keep up the awesome blog!


  2. Hi! My daughter and I just made the wild blueberry scones. Not quite as perfect looking as yours but so good! They didn’t really stick together well at the disc stage, so we added more whipping cream until they were a little more sticky. Thanks!


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