Dark Chocolate Chunk Cranberry Cookies

I always love the seasonal collaborations that Annie of @whatannieseating and Rebecca and Ruth of @squaremealroundtable put together, and this was no exception.  For fall, cranberries were the star ingredient, and I decided to go with a dessert that's a bit simpler, but no less delicious - cookies. With Thanksgiving coming up south of the … Continue reading Dark Chocolate Chunk Cranberry Cookies


Brown Butter Tahini Chocolate Puddle Cookies

It's funny how some recipes are formed through a random daydream.  This is one of them. I had been daydreaming about cookies for most of last week (as one does), and after hearing rumblings of tahini cookies, I think my train of thought went something like this: Tahini = nutty and bitter Brown butter = … Continue reading Brown Butter Tahini Chocolate Puddle Cookies

Texas Sized Chocolate Chunk Cookies

For a long time, I was adamant that there was only one recipe for chocolate chip cookies that mattered (see Chocolate Chip Cookies).  I was under the impression that they should be relatively flat and chewy with a crisp exterior. But when you have a baking blog, sometimes you need to try new things.  I tried … Continue reading Texas Sized Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Funfetti Mini Egg Cookies

  I am of the opinion that of all the holidays, Easter has the best candy.  Who can resist Creme Eggs, Reese's Eggs (or PB&C anything) and of course, Cadbury Mini Eggs. These cookies are sure to get you in the Easter/beginning of spring spirit, they're colourful and chewy with a nice crunch from the … Continue reading Funfetti Mini Egg Cookies

Mexican Chocolate Chili Cookies

I had always heard rumblings of Mexican chocolate desserts that seem classic at first but then hit you with a twinge of spice.  I figured there would be no better time to experiment with it myself than with some authentic Mexican cocoa. This was my second go with this stuff and I cannot stop raving … Continue reading Mexican Chocolate Chili Cookies

Brown Butter Sea Salt Nutella Cookies

These cookies have a long name but oh boy they deserve it.  Believe it or not, I had never browned butter before, but I think this recipe convinced me that it is the way to make a cookie.  It adds a depth of flavour that along with sea salt, totally makes a cookie.  You NEED … Continue reading Brown Butter Sea Salt Nutella Cookies