Chocolate Hazelnut Raspberry Tart

I'll be honest - I thought of this tart while trying to fall asleep.  In my half-asleep stupor I made the right call of making a note on my phone, because I would have totally forgotten about it otherwise. I took inspiration from my fig tart from a few weeks ago, I had the leftover … Continue reading Chocolate Hazelnut Raspberry Tart


Nutella Stuffed Cookie Crumble Blondies

I've said it once and I'll say it again, browning butter before baking cookies or blondies will change your life.  It creates a beautifully toasty flavour that adds a little something extra to anything you make and will make everyone wonder what your secret is! These blondies are chock full of all good things like … Continue reading Nutella Stuffed Cookie Crumble Blondies

Brown Butter Sea Salt Nutella Cookies

These cookies have a long name but oh boy they deserve it.  Believe it or not, I had never browned butter before, but I think this recipe convinced me that it is the way to make a cookie.  It adds a depth of flavour that along with sea salt, totally makes a cookie.  You NEED … Continue reading Brown Butter Sea Salt Nutella Cookies