Blood Orange Chocolate Tart

I think I've established that I go pretty hard with blood oranges once Winter hits, but one obvious ingredient I've never paired them with is chocolate. Think of all the legendary chocolate pairings: Terry's Chocolate Oranges.  Chocolate Orange Shortbread.  Chocolate dipped clementines.  You get the picture, so why not blood orange?? This tart is super straightforward … Continue reading Blood Orange Chocolate Tart


Blood Orange Millecrepe

I've had a hankering to make/eat a millecrepe (crepe cake) for a couple of weeks now.  No reason for the hankering, it was just there.  I found myself with some time today to commit to making 20+ crepes, so it was the perfect opportunity. I love millecrepes because they're so decadent, yet also light.  They're … Continue reading Blood Orange Millecrepe

Blood Orange Custard Pie

  Pies get a bit interesting in winter. Without berries, rhubarb and stone fruit, apples are really all you can use for a classic fruit pie. This is where custard comes in. On this beautiful sunny day, I got a haul of amazing blood oranges from St. Lawrence  and went to town on a  blood … Continue reading Blood Orange Custard Pie