Champagne Vanilla Donuts

I've been thinking about baking with champagne for awhile, something about the fizz and the association with celebrations and glamour make me want to put all those feelings in a baked good. Then today when I started thinking about how National Donut Day is tomorrow, it hit me.  Kind of how champagne does;)  Champagne donuts … Continue reading Champagne Vanilla Donuts


Coconut Macaroons with Chocolate Glaze

A few weeks ago, I had an aggressive amount of leftover egg whites.  After about 5 minutes of Googling "leftover egg whites", it became clear there was only one solution.  Coconut macaroons. While I've enjoyed many a macaroon, I had never made them or honestly even known what really went into them.  I've gotta say, … Continue reading Coconut Macaroons with Chocolate Glaze

Matcha Coconut Blondies

Full disclosure: I had never even tried a blondie before making these. I know.  What a freak, right? Plus I'm blonde.  It makes no sense. I'm really happy I changed that because these are so delicious they'll knock your socks off.  Matcha and coconut go so well together, bringing the fresh tropics to the earthy, … Continue reading Matcha Coconut Blondies

Lemon Coconut Meringue Pie

It's April 3rd and snowing, but I promise this pie will make you forget about it and think you're somewhere warm and sunny. I've been fascinated with lemon meringue pie since I was a kid.  The pretty peaks of the meringue and vibrant yellow filling always looked so delicious in the bakery window.  I decided … Continue reading Lemon Coconut Meringue Pie