Champagne Vanilla Donuts

I've been thinking about baking with champagne for awhile, something about the fizz and the association with celebrations and glamour make me want to put all those feelings in a baked good. Then today when I started thinking about how National Donut Day is tomorrow, it hit me.  Kind of how champagne does;)  Champagne donuts … Continue reading Champagne Vanilla Donuts


Yellow Cake with Fudge Icing

Everyone has a weakness (or 6) on Instagram.  Whether it be puppy videos, white sand beaches, or weird memes, there's something that you always send to that one friend endlessly. For me, I've become obsessed with cake decorating videos.  It's so satisfying watching the icing smoothed and glaze drip down the side.  Some people are … Continue reading Yellow Cake with Fudge Icing

Chocolate Ganache Stuffed Cupcakes

Valentines/Galentines Day is right around the corner, and we all know I'll take any excuse to make pink desserts. These cupcakes are classic vanilla, but have a glorious, silky chocolate ganache surprise in the middle.  I used an apple corer to core out the middle, but you can use an icing tip or good ol' … Continue reading Chocolate Ganache Stuffed Cupcakes

Vanilla Bean Baked Donuts

Can you tell I'm a bit obsessed with donuts right now? So many possibilities in terms of favour and decoration! And yet I choose vanilla (also whipped up the blood orange ones again!). I think pure, natural vanilla is such a great, underrated flavour. Vanilla beans have an amazing depth of flavour and the beans … Continue reading Vanilla Bean Baked Donuts