Matcha Custard Pie

This pie is literally green tea ice cream in pie form. I've wanted to make it for awhile, I initially saw the pie on the Four and Twenty Blackbirds Instagram and LOVED the bright green colour.  Then the recipe popped up on New York Times Cooking and all the stars aligned. The flavour of this pie … Continue reading Matcha Custard Pie


Matcha Coconut Blondies

Full disclosure: I had never even tried a blondie before making these. I know.  What a freak, right? Plus I'm blonde.  It makes no sense. I'm really happy I changed that because these are so delicious they'll knock your socks off.  Matcha and coconut go so well together, bringing the fresh tropics to the earthy, … Continue reading Matcha Coconut Blondies

Matcha Lemon Macarons

I will never forget the first time I ate a macaron:  I was 16 years old in Paris for the first time with my parents when we stopped at Laduree because that's obviously what you do on your first trip to Paris.  I was so enamoured by these beautiful little cookies in this storied cafe. … Continue reading Matcha Lemon Macarons

Mad for Matcha Cookies

A few months ago I became addicted to matcha tea.  It's so smooth and flavourful with a hint of natural sweetness (not to mention it just revs you up in the morning) that it's impossible not to love.  Matcha Matsu from David's Tea specifically mentions blending into smoothies and milkshakes, so I thought heck, why … Continue reading Mad for Matcha Cookies