Coffee Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan Pie

I'll let everyone get over the mouthful of this pie name before we begin.... Ok we're back. I adapted this recipe from the Magpie book (a beautiful book with SO MANY DIFFERENT PIES) after seeing it and instantly saying "I need to make this" and I'm so glad I did.  It sounds weird, but I … Continue reading Coffee Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan Pie

Malted Chocolate Pecan Pie

There's an ice cream shop in Stratford, Ontario (birthplace of the Biebz) called Jen and Larry's that changed my life with their malted chocolate milkshake.  When I say changed my life I mean it - if I end up in Stratford I don't leave until I have one, which I'm sure is very inconvenient for … Continue reading Malted Chocolate Pecan Pie