Maple Pear Bourbon Pie

Not to exaggerate, but this pie is going to warm your soul and make you ok with the fact that we're still a month or two away from spring pies. This winter I've really started to appreciate pear pies - I think they're definitely underrated and they're so versatile.  Pears go perfectly with chocolate, spices … Continue reading Maple Pear Bourbon Pie


Salty Honey Custard Pie

Christmas has come and gone, which means I've exhausted my pecan pie repertoire and I'm ready to mix it up on the pie front. This pie is weird. But really, really good. Texture wise, it's a standard custard pie, but the surface almost caramelizes into a delicious chewier top. Flavour wise, the honey makes it … Continue reading Salty Honey Custard Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend! I rediscovered my addiction to stuffing (only forgetting since last Christmas...) and woke up early yesterday to make the pies. This year I made salted caramel apple pie (see above and two posts ago) and of course, classic pumpkin pie. This pie is warm and perfectly spiced and … Continue reading Pumpkin Pie