Lemon Mascarpone Mille-Crepe

What's better than a crepe? How about 20+ crepes. Layered with lemon curd cream. Topped with mascarpone cream. I'm in. If you couldn't already tell, I'm a big fan of lemon desserts and for this crepe cake it was a no brainer.  One of my favourite crepe fillings is one of the most simple, a … Continue reading Lemon Mascarpone Mille-Crepe


Rosemary Duck Fat Cookies

I went to the market last weekend and there's always this lady with HEAPS of amazing fresh herbs.  I came out with lovely bunches of rosemary and mint and once home, made an unreal rosemary syrup for cocktails (whole other story).  For those of you who have made herb infused syrups, you know you end … Continue reading Rosemary Duck Fat Cookies