Apricot Crumble Tart

I feel like with half my posts I provide a St Lawrence Market update. This week, berries and cherries continue to dominate the landscape, but two new players have arrived: apricots and peaches.I was so excited to see apricots as I had been flipping through David Leibovitz's My Paris Kitchen the previous evening and there … Continue reading Apricot Crumble Tart


Salted Brown Butter S’more Tart

I think we can all agree that s'mores are one of the best parts of summer? Sweet, chocolatey and toasty, it taps into the highlight reel of summer, from cottage trips to roasting marshmallows on the stove. Just me? Ok. I thought up this tart yesterday morning, wanting to put all the things I love … Continue reading Salted Brown Butter S’more Tart