The ~Baked~ Brownie

I like my brownies fudgy. I like them dark, chewy and gooey, I don't think I'm the only one either. If you agree - this recipe is for you.  The Baked Bakery really got it down pat here, because this brownie is everything I listed above and more.  The fact that it's super simple to … Continue reading The ~Baked~ Brownie


Mint Chocolate Brownies

The week after Valentine's Day should otherwise be known as the "Eat a couple of pounds of chocolate in an absurdly short span" week. Solid holiday right? For those of you who have been to Stratford, you're likely familiar with Rheo Thompson chocolates, particularly their mint smoothies.  If not, they're a delicious chocolate with a smooth minty … Continue reading Mint Chocolate Brownies